Hill Country Exotics

Located between Mountain Home, TX and Rock Springs, TX, CCC Ranch was given the opportunity to operate our exotic hunts on a magnificent piece of land, which a staple within the community. Just 5 miles from the historic Garven Store, we are blessed to enjoy 6,000 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country. This property varies from rolling hills, widespread valleys, and gaping grasslands, with a variety of different species populating them all.

When you enter the property, look closely, because you may catch a glimpse of one of the beautiful animals that inhabit the land. The camp house illuminates a rustic/adventurous feel, which immediately fills you with that drive for adventure. Surrounding the walls of the house, you will see many past harvests that overlook a comfortable living space, a bar to mix a cold drink, a pool table to enjoy in free time, and a dinner table where stories will be shared and memories created.

Spot and stalk hunting is one of our favorite ways to harvest an animal, and that is how we do things with our exotic hunts. To be the predator, sneaking in on your potential harvest, and becoming part of the habitat is not only exhilarating but paints a bigger picture of a prehistoric past. Every step that is taken on the land has history; a story to be told from not only your pursuit but a story from every creature that has stepped on that same exact spot. So let us help you continue writing the next chapter in your story and take those steps with you.

We at CCC Ranch have a passion for the outdoors and want to help create a dream hunt for whoever is ready for that next adventure. We look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to start making lifetime memories.

Exotics Price List:

  • Blackbuck – $3,500
  • Axis Buck – $4,000
  • Axis Doe – $650 with purchase of exotic trophy hunt
  • Red Sheep – $4,000
  • Gemsbok – $7,000


  • Auodad – $5,000
  • Texas Dall – $3,000
  • Black Hawaiian – $3,000
  • Mouflon – $3,000
  • Scimitar Oryx – $6,500
  • Fallow Buck – $6,000
  • Sika Buck – $4,000
  • Ibex – $3,500


  • $100 per day for a non-hunter stay

  • $1,000 non-refundable deposit required for each hunting package

  • Prices do not include gratuity

  • If you need to reschedule your hunt, we will make the accommodations

Included with your hunt:

  • Choice of harvest
  • Lodging
  • Meals and beverages
  • Field dressing/quartering of harvest
  • Bedding and bathroom necessities
  • Required harvest tag

Not Included with your hunt:

  • Travel costs
  • Meat processing
  • Taxidermy
  • Hunting License
  • Gratuity

What to bring on your hunt: 

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